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Solar Covers & Rollers

Solar Blankets are summer covers that very effectively warm the water and control evaporation.  They are not intended to keep out leaves or debris.

Solar blankets:-

* Reduce evaporation by approx 95%
* Heat your pool - free - to extend your swimming season by up to 3 months.
* Reduce chemical use by approx 50%
* Reduce heating costs for heated pools
*Roll on or off with ease in less than 30 seconds

How do they work?
Solar blankets look like bubble wrap and float freely on the top of a pool without tie-downs or anchors to hold them in place.  The sun's rays are collected through the translucent bubbles to heat the water during the day.  

Evaporation is not only a waste of precious water.  It is the major cause of heat loss from your pool. Solar Blankets reduce evaporation by up to 95%, both saving water and warming your pool.  Heat is also lost by radiation to the atmosphere, mostly by night.  The sealed air bubbles in solar blankets act as an insulator to reduce radiation to the cold night air.  The combined result is a 5 - 10 degree increase in your pool temperature and a water saving of up to 10 000 litres per year!

Solar Blankets are normally supplied with a roller system for ease of removal, easy storage and proper care of your cover.  Rollers can all be supplied with castors so the cover can be simply wheeled out of the way when not in use.  

Pool Cleanliness
It is important to realize that although any cover will reduce some of the leaves & debris from entering your pool, the purpose of a solar pool cover is not for pool cleanliness.  Much of the leaves and dirt will still get into the pool with a solar cover fitted. 

The purpose of the solar cover is to reduce evaporation and to keep your pool warm.  If you require protection from leaves and debris, we suggest our Leaf & Debris Cover or Winter Shutdown Cover.  The Leaf & Debris Cover is effective in conjunction with a solar blanket.

The Solar Blanket alone is not child safe and it is likely that any child falling into the pool will be trapped beneath the cover with disastrous results.  The Solar Blanket can be installed in conjunction with Pool Safety Net to provide an effective safety barrier.  See photo. 

Suncap is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation who is the only Australian manufacturer of Solar Pool Cover material.   The material comes in 400 and 500 micron thickness.  The thickness of the material does not significantly alter the heat collection or heat retention of the cover, but the thicker material is more durable and will have a longer lifespan. 

Suncap 400 and Suncap 500 is warranted by the manufacturer for 5 & 8 years respectively.  On an average pool the Suncap 500 is recommended for its long service life.  On larger pools, where the weight of the cover is a greater consideration, the Suncap 400 will be easier to manage. 

The service life of a quality Australian made solar blanket will vary depending upon your situation but may be in excess of 10 years.  In comparison, cheap imported covers usually only last for 1 or 2 seasons. Please speak to our consultant for further details and the options available.

A solar blanket is an easy DIY task and most customers choose to save money by installing the cover themselves.  The cover is supplied as an oversize rectangle or other basic shape.  To install, simply lay it over the pool and cut to shape with a pair of scissors using the perimeter as a guide.  Sharp scissors will easily glide through the material.  The roller is then assembled and attached to the cover.  Please see self-measure instructions.

We provide a full measure and installation service within our service areas. 

Indoor Heated Pools  
Suncap 500 Blue/Silver is the premium product for indoor heated pools.  A normal solar blanket is translucent to maximize solar collection from the sun. A blanket for an indoor pool is not designed to collect heat, but rather, to retain it.  In fact, it is almost opaque to minimise algae growth. 

The cover is blue on top so it's pleasing to the eye, yet the underside is silver to reflect the maximum heat back into your pool.  Thousands of sealed air bubbles trap the air to act as an insulator against radiation. This 500 micron cover is warranted for 8 years. 

For all gas pool heating needs, we use and recommend Norwest Gas.

Premium Solar Reels  
We stock a wide range of reels to suit most in-ground pool installations.  Our C-Frame roller is recommended for ease of use on larger pools and our low profile M-Frame roller is great for smaller pools and is unobtrusive on your pool deck.  Both rollers have a 100mm shaft,  come with a shade cover and carry a massive 10 year pro-rata warranty.  Both rollers can be fitted with optional casters if required, however, all rollers are lower in profile and more stable when mounted on skids.  Length must be specified when ordering. 

We would be delighted to provide our expert advice to find the perfect pool cover solution for you.  Please contact Just Covers to explore the possibilities and arrange for your free quotation.

Solar Blanket self-measuring instructions

The following instructions relate to self-measure / self-installation of solar blankets.  When ordering, please provide the dimensions as specified below.  Important:  Please do not add a fudge-factor.  We will supply the cover larger than the dimensions that you specify.

1. Measuring your pool is simply a matter of measuring the maximum water level width and length of the main body of water. 
    See illustration below. This will give you Width: A and Length: B for the main body of your pool.  
2. If you have any steps, then measure the step area separately as set out below.        
3 .If you have a shaped pool, treat as rectangular as per the examples below:-