We are regularly asked for advice on how much filtration time is needed and how it can be reduced.  While there is no single definitive answer, let us consider some examples and the factors at play.

Chlorine Pool:-

Chlorine is added either automatically or manually in a chlorine pool to prevent algae growth and to maintain the necessary hygiene.  Chlorine must be maintained at the recommended level, which can easily be monitored with a test kit.

In a chlorine pool, filtration is needed to remove dirt and nutrient matter as well as to circulate the water and chlorine to all parts of the pool.  The extent of filtration required will primarily depend upon the size of the filter and how much dirt and nutrient is present.  It will vary from pool to pool.  With a properly sized filter, run times of 3 – 4 hours per day should be sufficient.  However, if the filter is small or the pool is in a leafy or dusty location, it will be necessary to increase filtration times.  The need for extra filtration can easily be determined by checking the clarity of the water.  It follows that if the water is cloudy then more filtration will be required.  Conversely, if the water is nice and clear, you may consider gradually reducing the filtration time in order to achieve cost savings.

Salt Pool:-

This type of pool has sea salt (sodium chloride) added to the water to make brine.  During filtration, the brine passes through an ioniser to produce free chlorine.  Chlorine is only produced when the filter is running, so greater filtration times will be needed in order to make sufficient chlorine to keep the pool healthy.  With a properly sized filter and salt chlorinator, run times of 7 – 8 hours will generally be necessary.   The defining factor governing filtration times in a salt pool is usually determined by the size of the filter/ioniser and the need to make sufficient chlorine.  ie. The time taken for the production of chlorine will generally exceed the time taken for the filter to clean the pool.

How can filtration times be safely reduced?

Safely reduce filtration times to save money and electricity.  A properly designed Shutdown Cover or Premium Leaf  Cover will keep your pool fresh and clean with either little or no filtration or chemicals needed.  The covers reduce (or eliminate) sunlight from entering the pool which prevents the chlorine from breaking down.  These pool covers also prevent nutrient from getting into the pool which causes further depletion of chlorine levels.

Shutdown Cover

Just Covers offer the perfect solution with our exclusive Shutdown Cover.  When properly installed, the Shutdown Cover will seal off the pool and reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for filtration and preventing dust, leaves and debris from entering.

Pool shops and pool technicians have a vested interest in NOT promoting Shutdown Covers because these covers essentially put them out of work.  Pool shops will not act as resellers for our product because it undermines their chemical, equipment and pool servicing sales.

This cover offers complete pool shutdown and also saves water by reducing evaporation by a massive 99.6%.

Premium Leaf & Debris Cover

Our Premium Leaf & Debris Cover is manufactured from woven polyethylene mesh and will totally solve even the most extreme leaf problem.  Our pool cover experts will design and custom build your cover to fit neatly and accurately around rocks, waterfalls and other features.  In fact, we regularly fit covers to pools that our competitors have dismissed as impossible!

The Leaf & Debris Cover is extremely light weight (10kg average).  During fitting and removal the cover floats on the surface of the water so it is easy to get on and off – even by one person.  It is secured by straps to the pool surround.  An advantage of the Leaf Cover is that it does not collect rainwater, so the cover will remain high and dry above the water line.

Pool Cover Buyers Guide

Find out which pool cover is best suited to your pool design and lifestyle.  See our Pool Cover Buyers Guide

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