pool cover The costs of running a pool can soon mount up and you’re probably thinking that purchasing a pool cover is yet another expense. But did you know that using a cover all year round can help reduce your pool costs?

Some pool owners only cover their pool in the cooler months but there are plenty of benefits when you use a pool cover all year round. Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

A pool cover reduces water usage

While evaporation occurs all year round, water is lost at a faster rate from your pool during the summer months when the temperatures are scorching. Using a pool cover blocks out the sun’s rays and prevents excess heat coming into contact with the water and also traps moisture, preventing it from evaporating into the air. Since you won’t have to refill your pool so often, you can save money on your water bill.

Keeps heat in the pool

Keeping your pool cover on also helps reduce heat loss. As you know, the temperature drops at night and this usually results in the temperature of the pool water dropping as well. However, using a pool cover helps retain the heat and with a bit of luck, you’ll find that the water is warm enough to swim in the following day. This means you can save electricity and money by not having to use your heating system quite as much.

Keeps debris out of the pool

You can be fighting an endless battle each week as you endeavour to keep your pool clean by scooping out insects and bugs, fallen leaves, and other debris which lands in an uncovered pool. As if that wasn’t bad enough, if you don’t get to grips with keeping debris out, it can cause algae to grow. This, in turn, can cause your pool to turn cloudy and create a chemical imbalance.

So, how can you keep out debris? Simple, use a pool cover!

Reduces chemical usage

This ties in nicely with the point above. If you’ve managed to keep debris out of the pool by using a pool cover, you won’t be using as many chemicals to restore your pool to a healthy condition. Incidentally, did you know that rain can also cause a chemical imbalance? So, that’s yet another reason to keep your pool covered.

While pool covers won’t keep your pool clean, they do reduce chemical usage.

Less maintenance time

Wouldn’t you rather be spending more of your time in the pool as opposed to cleaning it? We know which we’d choose!

By preventing leaves and debris from entering your pool, you’ll find you spend less time vacuuming your pool; plus if there’s less evaporation occurring you won’t have to top up the water level so much or re-balance your pool with chemicals.

If you’re interested in buying a pool cover but not sure what’s best for your needs and your pool, then get in touch with the experts at Just Covers. We design and install high-grade custom pool covers for any size and style of pool, even those with fountains and edges lined with rocks.

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