sandpit covers Perth If you’re looking for sandpit covers in Perth then you’ve come to the right place. Just Covers do just that – we sell custom covers. In recent years, people have become more aware of the potential health risks that little ones could unknowingly be exposed to when they’re happily playing in the sand. In fact, the closure of a sandpit at a childcare centre in NSW about 5 years ago (thought to be connected with a salmonella java case) showcases the importance of maintaining a high level of sandpit hygiene.

Sandpits can be great fun and as well as providing a learning source for little ones they also help develop their creativity skills. On the flip side of this, sandpits are also a potential source of infection.

Sandpits need to be covered at home as well as at childcare facilities and kindergartens, to prevent animals using the sand as a toilet; and to prevent rubbish and dangerous sharp objects such as broken glass from getting into the sand. Our custom sandpit covers in Perth stops all of these objects from getting into the sandpit and can be fitted securely around trees, rocks, walls, poles, and other obstructions. No matter what shape your sandpit is, we’ve got it covered!

How our sandpit covers differ from others

The trouble with a lot of sandpit covers is that they rarely fit properly and are often made from flimsy materials such as PVC. This makes it easy for the wind to get beneath them and cause damage. Alternatively, inferior materials can crumble to dust in the hot sun. Fortunately, that’s not the case with our bespoke sandpit covers.

Our sandpit covers in Perth are made from a specially sourced woven polythene which is breathable, and UV treated. Its fine mesh allows the rainwater to gently soak through the fabric and down into the sand which means, that unlike most other sandpit covers, the water doesn’t sit on top in a giant puddle. Not only does this make it difficult to remove the cover, but it also causes another potential hazard for young children.

To make our covers even stronger, welded seams run across their entirety and also the edges are hemmed all the way round to give a neater appearance. They’re secured in place with special fixtures and fittings designed for the purpose and are installed by our sandpit cover experts. You’ll be pleased to know that they also come with a 5-year guarantee.

Keep your little ones protected with a Just Covers custom sandpit cover. Give them the ultimate protection they deserve from sandpit covers in Perth. Find out more by visiting our website or call us on 1300 268377 for a free no-obligation quote.