semi-inground poolIf you’re considering installing a swimming pool into your backyard then there are several options available, including a semi-inground pool. However, often it’s your land that determines the type of pool you should buy. Since a swimming pool is such a large addition to your yard, it stands to reason that certain aspects are likely to affect your choice.

Who should have a semi-inground pool?

What’s the best situation for a semi-inground pool? Perhaps you have fallen in love with the dynamic design of pools that are half in and half out the ground. Or maybe you really long for a pool but are worried that your yard is making the design seemingly impossible?

The good news is that a semi-inground pool is a possibility for practically everyone. All that’s required is to excavate to about half the depth that you would for a fully inground pool and then raise up the sides of the pool to their correct height.

Semi-inground pools can be more eye-catching than an in-ground pool because of the fact that there is a protruding side of the pool which can be built into your yard. That said, some yards are better suited to a semi-inground pool than others. So, let’s take a closer look.

How your yard affects your pool design

So many factors can influence the design of your pool from the shape of your yard to the composition of your soil. You need to consider how easy your soil is to dig, how much rain falls on average, and how much room you have to play with. Naturally, a large yard can accommodate a wider pool but even a small yard can be used to create a stunning deep pool. Sometimes you can find yourself needing a multi-layered design – it all depends on your yard’s natural elements.

Building a semi-inground pool on a slope

If your yard has a noticeable slope, then you’re in luck since this is the best situation for a semi-inground pool.

You may have been told in the past that you couldn’t have an inground pool because your land needs to be flat, but when you have a sloped site, you don’t have to worry levelling your land. Instead, reinforced walls are exposed at the lower end of your yard which meet your raised deck at a convenient level.

When your ground is rocky

Homeowners with rocky soil often choose an above ground pool because of the effort involved in digging a hole deep enough for an in-ground pool. A semi-inground pool doesn’t require the same depth, which means it could offer the solution for a quicker and more affordable swimming pool.

Below the surface

Some city homes have infrastructures such as cables, pipes and even tunnels located beneath their homes which could limit the depth of their pool. This doesn’t mean having to opt for an above ground pool. Instead, it’s a matter of calculating how deep your semi-inground pool can safely be so you know how deep to dig, and then surrounding it with a beautiful deck which typically gives a more dynamic design than an above ground pool offers.

How about a multi-level pool design?

The very best thing about a semi-inground pool is having the means to create a multi-level design. Just imagine a high deck with a low yard and a seating area around the pool which also works well combined with a tiered hot tub. Talk about neighbour envy!

The great thing is that with a semi-inground pool you can design it to fit your yard rather than shaping your yard to fit your pool.

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