Unless you’re one of those “crazy” people who thinks nothing of plunging into freezing cold water on a chilly winter’s day you probably want to keep your swimming pool heated. But before you rush out and invest in a traditional gas or electric heater, have you thought about a solar pool blanket?

A solar blanket can warm your pool water by up to 8˚ FREE. It can also minimise water loss, reduce energy costs, and in some instances, decrease the amount of chemicals you need to use. Surely, it’s got to be worth taking a look?

So, what exactly is a solar blanket?

You may also find solar blankets referred to as solar covers in which case you may be thinking I’ve already got a pool cover why do I need another one? The simple answer is that a solar blanket doesn’t keep dirt and debris out of your pool like the cover you already have, instead it warms the water.

The top layer of a solar blanket is translucent, allowing the sun’s energy to penetrate into the pool water and warm it while the thermal efficiency of the bubble-like material maximises heat retention. While it may not keep the water as hot as a heater (depending on where you live) , it insulates your pool when the temperature drops at night, keeping your pool warmer, minimises evaporation, saves you money, and also extends your swimming season.

What happens to a pool without a solar cover?

Without a solar cover or blanket you can expect heat loss by radiation to be around 30% and heat loss through evaporation by 60%. Meaning you now have to replace both water and heat. In other words, not only is evaporation losing you water from your pool, it’s also making a dent in your wallet. How much pool water is lost to evaporation? On average swimming pools lose around 6mm of water each day from evaporation. If you’re topping up your pool 2 to 3 times a week leaving the hose running for 30 minutes, you’re using between 1,000 and 1,500 litres of water a week. Imagine those figures if you’re running your hose for an hour at a time!

So what does this all mean?

Now you can see how much water and energy is lost due to evaporation it’s easier to understand that the most important factor is not what type of heater you’re using or what the thermostat is set at, instead it’s about keeping the water in your pool. Every time you lose water you have to replace it and it requires energy to heat the newly added water. This is where a solar blanket comes into its own. Firstly they help keep the water warm that’s already in the pool by almost eliminating evaporation; and secondly the solar power heats the water up while you’re not using the pool.

If you’re now considering a solar blanket, then be aware that not all solar blankets are the same. Cheap imported solar blankets are likely to break down in the hot Australian sun and  may need replacing within just 12 months. We recommend the Daisy 400 and Daisy 525 solar covers which are manufactured in Australia. These are supplied with a 5- and 10-year guarantee respectively.

Are you ready to invest in a solar pool blanket? Get in touch with the experts at Just Covers. We’d be pleased to discuss your best options and give you a free quote for the products and installation.